The Peculiar Activities Of Edgar Cayce

As with many psychic healers, their craft is often left up to individuals to decide their efficacy, I will be doing the same. Are they real in my opinion? I couldn’t say. There are certainly cases that make one question certain medical faculties, certainly there are many instances where doctors have been wrong, whether through their own quick judgement or as a result of their educational persuasions, who can say?

Them perhaps?

Real or not, he paints an imposing picture, referred to by some as Americas Greatest Psychic.

Quite the title.

Though Cayce himself died in 1945 his body of work persists in certain circles, apparently both academic and clinical if you can believe that. In the small pieces that follow this one, you will find a variety of fascinating studies done by him, be they real or not. With over 14 000 readings done, there is no shortage of material left behind.

You will find almost contradictory words in this, though most of it just seems like good advice in all honesty. Perhaps sometimes, it is not the advice that is wrong, but the person trying to give it, maybe if the right person gave you advice you may not have listened to otherwise, you may heed?

Who knows?

Here is an example –

…this information tells us that man is an eternal being, spiritual in nature, creative and building through the powers of the mind, and utilizing a body in this dimension that is the product of his mind working with spiritual energy.

Pretty wacky right?

There are parts like that alongside parts like this –

He talked about functioning systems and organs within the body fulfilling their mission to maintain life so that we can be active and fulfill a destiny and purpose in this world we live in.

Sounds like a Gym met a Philosophy school doesn’t it?

Tomorrow we will explore more of the life of Cayce. There will also be more Rubaiyat’s, and some Lord Byron stuff.

Thanks for stopping by.

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