BMXing To Stay In Shape

A month has flown by, with massive changes to the lockdown in my country, my skateboarding training plans have grinded to a halt. We, in South Africa, are now in the midst of another lockdown. As big of an impact as this has on me and the rest of my year, most of my plans are already down the drain, amidst the pandemic there have also been protests related to a few political issues here.

So I did the next best thing, with lockdown now in place, social distancing becomes a priority, skateparks will be closed for a while, I bought a BMX and have been working away at getting my old tricks back from when I used to BMX as a kid. All of us do probably, very few people do not know how to ride a bicycle, for many of us, it is your only form of transportation so not having one is more expensive due to risky public transport and high fares.

I’m still a little chunk, but that will soon fade away, as you get older, eating a slice of pizza makes you work a week afterwards just to lose the weight. Lol.

The channel is up and running as well, expect the first video next week – video title – “Can We Ever Be Truly Happy?”

Look out for it on the blog.

So from now, posts will be a mixture of Youtube Channel content as well as pieces of writing, poems etc.

Thanks for reading, Have a better one.

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