Joining The Poetry Racket

There are a lot of poets out there, apparently everyone is a poet, on some level.

So I thought, if this is the flavor of the week, lets take a taste shall we?

With that here is my entry for poem of the week!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I see the likes
Your poetry gets you

Let's hope
Your creative mind 
Can cope
Without the trope

I lay awake at night
Tossing and turning
"It's not even that good"
I say to myself
The midnight lamp still burning

"It means a lot to me!" 
They all cry
You would think
This would inspire
A decent try

Rhymes are the order of the day
With the mundane at play
Who can say
Which ones will stay

Bound to a hapless fate
I hope you can escape....  
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