Blenkinsop (The Fat)

Have you ever found a book from your childhood that made you laugh? I unfortunately came across one such item, and it had so many bad jokes, this was a poem that for some reason used to make my child brain convulse with laughter. I warn you, it is very stupid.

Just thought I would share it because it is so so so very dumb, but someone actually wrote it, so I guess it is entertaining.

At lunchtime every school day
Blenkinsop (The Fat)
would eat his way through everything
except the kitchen cat.
Two plates of chips, for starters
a pack of crisps (or three)
then on to shepherds pie and beans
washed down with a mugs of tea.
Spaghetti Bolognese and rice
it all went down a treat
chicken curry, very nice
pasties (cheese and meat)
When all the savouries had been
dispatched into his belly
he started on the sweet menu
( say goodbye to the jelly! )
Rice pudding, jam and eccles cakes
yogurt, custard, shortbread
till suddenly he simply burst
on the final slice of bread.


Silly right?

Check this one out.

When Mary had a little lamb
the doctor was surprised
but when Old Macdonald had a farm
he couldn't believe his eyes!

I’m sorry.

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