Sierpinski’s Triangle

Mandelbrot’s Fractals will be familiar to a few of you from a piece I did a while ago, this short piece will cover a small aspect of something similar called Sierpinski’s triangle.

What is the triangle and how does it work?

Simply put it is an easily constructed form of fractal, one that is recursive and thus contains an infinite number of triangles. It starts as an equilateral triangle, then at each iteration new triangles are formed at the mid point (middle – more or less) of the original triangle or triangles.

Waclaw Sierpinski

Waclaw Sierpinski who was born in 1882 and died in 1969 was a Polish Mathematician who made no less than an outstanding contribution to set theory. He described what Mandelbrot would eventually call a fractal through his form of the triangle.

Tomorrow we will delve further into these topics, stay tuned.

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