‘From The Ground Up’ & Spam Comments

Generally I do not receive much traction on this blog because I express myself and subsequently tell people who deserve it lots of crap for their mediocre writing abilities in what should be called a public diary entry.

So when I see a whole influx of comments on a single post, certain red flags are raised.

If you follow my blog you will see that my most active comment section is in “From The Ground Up” an article I did again at the beginning of this blogs life cycle.

Most of these are spam comments and while I do like getting comments, that one is getting a bit annoying.

On the other hand, I cannot believe that there is some loser out there so obsessed with me that every few days he/she ( I do not discriminate – even girls can be assholes ) feels the needs to drop by my blog and leave the exact same comment. Lol.

Pathetic, but hey, it helps me out with the exposure, so thanks I guess?

Anyways I stopped approving them now, and have begun the process of tracking them down, which should make quite an interesting video for the YouTubes, they think they’re smart by using a VPN, but there are many ways around such things.

Stay tuned for the dramatic conclusion!

Oh yeah and if the spammer is reading this, see that featured image? That’s how you make me feel with all this love and joy you are sending my way. Thank You!

Rent free Pal, that is how I am living in your head. 😉

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