Squatting Or Protesting?

The ridiculous story behind the occupation of a home in Cape Town.

So this article is a day late because something came up yesterday that was quite unavoidable. That said, here is the story.

It follows a group of squatters who have now taken refuge in a house originally reserved for Air B&B, an internationally recognized company that offers bed and boarding to those who seek it. In the story you will see many claims of inequality which ultimately amounts to victimhood. Just a bunch of losers going – ” the pandemic made us realize how crappy our living conditions are and how well off other hard-working people are. Think I’m joking? they basically state it as such by themselves in not so many words.


Above you will find the link to the original article. It starts off by saying that a group of people looking for a “safe space” have occupied a mansion in Camps Bay – a notoriously wealthy and generally speaking, out of reach destination for most South Africans.

“Our action is part of a global movement of occupiers who do not have homes, particularly those who are close to home that are landless, cannot afford their rent or face violence in their place of residence,” said Kelly-Eve Koopman in a statement on Monday.

“We are occupying in protest of the lack of safe space for queer people, women and children in a country with disgusting rates of gender-based violence. “We invite everyone into transgressive and peaceful acts of solidarity with those who cannot pay rent, cannot afford to eat, those who live at the threat of violence.”

All sounds good and well right? well look at this next statement.

Xena Scullard, one of the occupants, told News24 they entered the property by pooling resources from friends, family and supporters and booked a two-night stay through Airbnb. They were now on their fourth day and second unpaid day and while they still had water and electricity, they expected that this may be disconnected.

So they are basically squatting after having booked a few nights of stay. How pathetic.

Scullard said many of the rental properties in that area were investment properties bought with generational wealth and were empty for long periods until booked by tourists.

Generational wealth, hahaha, so when these people “inherit” this property after squatting there and leaving it to more losers like them, is that not generational nepotism? Because they sure as hell are not going to leave it to more god awful rich people. So in essence they are forcibly occupying land under the guise of protest and then making long winded claims about who should rightfully own what. At this rate anyone who has worked hard for their homes is in danger of losing it to a bunch of self proclaimed victims of inequality. It is utterly ridiculous.

Scullard explained their goals. “This occupation is a tool to call into question system violence.”

What violence? they seem to change their argument for why they are there every two minutes. First its because of inequality, then its because of Covid and the inequalities that that brought to the fore, then its because the land belonged to their ancestors or whatever. Now it is because of system violence.

She said Covid-19 had brought into sharp relief inequalities in society and high levels of historic and systemic violence.

The above statement is actually the most telling, because these losers were probably stuck at home and gawking at all the luxury around them from their crappy little houses so now they want to occupy a mansion. I wonder, if they would have been so keen to occupy this land if it had been in a rather run down area?

The article goes on to state –

Seven people occupied the house – which has six rooms with space for 10 people to sleep – in the morning and by the evening, activists from the Khayelitsha Community Action Network had arrived to see how they can support the group. She cited one person who was beaten and kicked out of their home while transitioning, and had nowhere to go, as a person who could benefit from such a space due to there not being enough shelters for LGBTQI+ people.

See? now its apparently about LGBTQ+ people, its almost like these people have fallen from the victimhood tree and tried their best to hit every buzzword associated with modern reforms on their way down. The are just throwing all these ideas out and I guarantee you, it is just some vain attempt to quell and dissent that may arise as a result of their egregious actions.

This statement highlights what I have just said about these moronic losers. They do not make a lot of money and during the lockdown they were forced to see all of these people living far better than they ever will and got jealous of it because they will never afford such luxury.

“They call a R4 000 salary middle class. How far can you go with R4 000?” she asked.

Case In Point.

“If we can’t rely on the state, and we can’t rely on legislation, then what the fuck do we need to do?” she asked.

I will tell you what the fuck to do you bunch of morons. Work hard. Actually study to get better degrees then you can earn more than damn 4 grand a month. But no, they just want things handed to them on a silver platter.

Koopman added that that particular part of the Cape coastline was rooted in slavery and inequality which has not been recognised or memorialised.

See? Now they are back to inequality. Slavery? Good God. These people should become politicians, they are already so slippery and conniving.

An extract from group’s statement:

 – We have the ability to heal our world, our continent and our country if we stop expecting corrupt and ineffective governments both locally and nationally that have proven that they will not do the work to serve the needs of the people;

 – Instead, this is work that the many activists and movements have taken on across the country.

 – While we need to hold governance accountable, we also need to recognise that we are being exploited by an elite class of individuals who control a disgusting disproportion of wealth and resources.

 – We are a wild care collective of queer Africans taking residence in a mansion that wasn’t meant for us.

 – It is currently vacant and part of an investment portfolio of a wealthy company who makes profit from renting the house occasionally.

 – We will put it to better use by creating a home and safe space of refuge, with our chosen family.

 – South Africa has one of the highest rates of inequality in the entire world. Prior to Covid-19, we had an unemployment rate of 31 percent. Because of Covid-19 another 3 million jobs were lost.

 – Unfortunately, we are often manipulated, lied to or blatantly laughed at when we try to make things better. We see you.


I put it you, the reader once more, do you think they would have occupied land that was supposedly theirs because of whatever slavery nonsense they are referring to if it had been in a less wealthy area?

My answer is no.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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