Could Mobile Become The New Bastion Of Gaming?

Short one here today.

There is a lot of talk of consoles lately, what with the ps5 and the Xbox series x floating around the internet and a litany of nerds arguing over which one is best.

Add to that the few rich jerks who boast about how they’re going to buy both, just because they can, and sprinkle on some pc gamers for good measure & viola.

You have the shitpie that is gaming today.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love gaming, but the community is crap. Very immature even at the best of times.

It’s all whose better and whose not.

With some racism from those calling one another peasants, unfortunate for anyone who put their face and subsequent skin color on their profile picture.

All this aside, I am more curious about what no one is really talking about, mobile gaming. No, not candy crush. PUBG and COD. Or many of the other amazing indie games.

See, everyone has a phone, we use them all the time.

I’m writing this on my phone.

Consoles and pc’s are still luxurious compared to phones. We all almost need one, to stay in contact with one another. Gone are the days in which we used to write to each other. Now we use phones. Gaming on mobile has blown up lately, over 600 million people play cod mobile. A few more play PUBG. I feel this will become much larger. Gradually at first, then all at once. Like the receding tide before a tsunami. In the meantime, I’m preparing for this monumental shift, so here is a video of mines on Trail Boss BMX. An awesome game I have been playing lately.

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