Better Call Saul Pisses Me Off

I have been watching better call Saul for a while now, and I must say, at first I really enjoyed the show, but now I have grown to hate it.

And the writers.

Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Breaking Bad and found it challenging and interesting all the way through. This show however, frustrated the living hell out of me. It annoys me so much how Jimmy McGill has the balls to stick it to people when he feels the need, but then inexplicably shoots himself in the foot in the next turn. There is an old saying with writing certain mystery shows that state a certain amount of finesse should be employed to the audience in order to make them feel like they could have solved the mystery, like in Sherlock Holmes. They don’t make it too obvious. But it’s clear that they want you to figure out what’s going on to make the payoff more enjoyable.

This show accomplishes the exact opposite of that.

The characters mistakes are so obvious and guided solely by their relation to other characters that it doesn’t enthrall me. It pisses me off. There is seldom, if ever, any payoff, and when it comes. It’s short lived.

I feel that the writers of this show are in much the same position that writers of a soap opera are. In that they both have a set amount of characters and they have to continuously bring back and rehash situations for them to be involved in just to keep the show going. Because the show is a precursor to breaking bad, certain instances are obvious to the viewer because of how breaking bad played out. You know that certain characters will not die or have anything serious happen to them because they are in the show at a later stage in their lives, after the events of Better Call Saul have transpired. So they keep going at each other, over and over again ad nauseam.

The characters are basically just going through things for nothing. One situation in particular irritated me more than anything else. And that was the chuck and Jimmy fight, if you could call it that. I won’t recount the show, watch it if you are that interested in it, but basically everything was working out in Jimmy’s favor, he even had people who he didn’t expect on his side, so many times there were opportunities for him to get caught out, and he did not. How did it happen in the end? He admitted to it after his brother cried a bit.


I swear I wanted to punch the screen. And now I’m watching a scene where he is fighting with an army guy over something he did before hahaha, I mean he doesn’t have the same enthusiasm when he fights his brother who so clearly has it out for him, yet with someone who he actually lied to, he stands up for himself, then, He admits defeat to his brother, for nothing. But fights with some random army guy so efficiently.

I am done with this show, I am only watching it now to see it through, I’m no longer emotionally invested in any of these characters because I have come to accept that the writers will just keep screwing them over until the eventual conclusion.

Not good, do not recommend watching.

2 out of 10.

Definitely worse than Breaking Bad.

At least then the characters eventual demise was not obvious. Now, if a new character shows up, it’s obvious they’re gonna die, because the main characters have to exist in order to show up in Breaking Bad.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Thanks Running On Empty Food Review. 

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