YouTube Skaters Are Destroying Skateboarding

YouTube skaters are destroying skateboarding

What do I mean by this?

Well simply put.

They are.

YouTube as a platform is not the problem, as they are just a sort of neutral source in all of this, what I’m referring to is the gimmick filled skateboarders who find their home on YouTube.

I am also a “YouTube skateboarder”.

I post my videos onto YouTube, not for any clout. But just for myself. If I had known about it when I was skating all the time, I would have recorded and put my videos on the internet a long time ago. However recording was not as simple back then, you had to have a handheld camera and back then cameras were not on phones yet, some had them but the quality was horrid. Definitely not usable in any way. The only way to record was with a handheld camera and most were expensive meaning taking it to a skatepark was already a risk in itself. So onto the topic at hand, I hate YouTube skaters.

Not all, but most.

Especially the big ones who have a bunch of loser kids worshipping their mediocre skating. It’s all gimmicks. They aren’t that good. They just get off on technicality. Not even in a Rodney Mullen kind of way, more in a “I’m too much of a loser to go and skate big stuff” way. Most of the skaters who gravitate towards this style of skating are not that good themselves. I know. I have met more than a few fans of these losers. And they are all about as good as an amateur in a skatepark they visit everyday. Sure there are some tricks they can whip out here and there, but by and large, they suck.

Now I don’t really have a problem with the skaters themselves except for Aaron Kyro who is a sack of shit of a human being. I do have a problem with their retarded fan base. They are the ones keeping skateboarding stagnant.

Skateboarding has come a long way and most importantly it has definitely been improving and is constantly improved by technology but the state of skateboarding has stagnated.

The skaters are just as dumb and arrogant as they have always been, but now they have platforms to bolster them and their dumb ideas. I genuinely love skateboarding and hate to see it be the way it is now. I hope it improves but seeing who is in charge takes that hope away.

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