The End Of The Prohibition Era

Never thought I would see the day. I was sitting in a local food chain restaurant called chicken licken.

As I sat there awaiting my food, I had just taken pictures of the restaurant for Google maps because I noticed that they had none, when I saw an article on the Google News feed.

It read “cape Town judge leads initiative to decriminalize dagga”.

In South Africa they use that term to discredit any merit of the plant, by calling it by the street slang. Dagga is a word that people use here that both states how closed minded the person is while simultaneously shows their personal propensity for wanting to rebuke the substance.

Before I get trapped in a ramble about that, let’s get back to the topic at hand.

I was sitting there reading this, thinking wow, things have really actually changed now. I mean I had heard about and seen the massive reforms around the world regarding Marijuana laws, though it seemed like an Amsterdam kind of situation to me, like yeah that’s happening but people over here will never be smart enough to do that. South Africans can be complacent with foolish ideas.

Most of them.

The scary thing is that I don’t think they are alone. As I stated in previous articles change occurs not with the many but with one person, who people more or less approve of, and then follow suit. People never as a whole make changes, most people are too comfortable with life to change anything about it.

Don’t rock the boat, you know?.

So when this bombshell dropped I knew it was a big deal, not only because of what I knew about the law but because I knew this was the first step towards full legalization. It was party time in my eyes. Vindicated by this article, I was more than a little ecstatic. And angry.

I had received so much of persecution over this substance that if reparations were ever instituted, I would have ten years to reclaim from all that I have lost, I literally lost one of the best jobs I have ever had because of some asshole cop who had a hard on for some drug dealer I used to frequent.

He literally ruined my life because of that, forced me into rehab under the threat of being thrown in jail if I refused and then went off and chuckled to himself about it.

I don’t believe in a hell, but if there is one, I sure hope he is there. Going through every level.

So I received a fair bit of backlash from my use, but I knew that I knew a lot about it, more than most people around me. So it gave me hope. Hope of a better time. Now we are well on our way to full legalization with small amounts already being allowed, and growing for personal use limited to a certain amount of plants.

I just never thought I would ever see the day.

Hence the real reason for this article.


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