Does The Earth Go Through Cycles?

As I have been reading more and more of Fingerprints Of The Gods By G. Hancock, I am starting to wonder if there may actually be some truth to the ramblings of religion.

Anyone who has studied religion is familiar with the old apocalypse scenarios they tend to lead towards. Some have even set aside dates detailing when and where. Obviously they never pan out, some real geniuses out there will know that ” ….no man can know….. “.

So are there any truth to these claims?

There may be. I have no evidence for this hypothesis – which is what it is called by the way, theories are actually tested whereas when you simply suggest something without proof and with bias, like I am doing, then it is hypothetical – It does seem odd to me that for all the knowledge we have of ancient peoples there is still so very little left of them, I just got done watching a documentary on the Saqqara Tomb in Egypt. Quite interesting but also still left me with questions.

For one, the actual excavators constantly referred to the site as being 4000 years old while the “scholar” said it was around 2000 years old.

Even if a site date back as little as 2000 years, is that not evident of a precursor? How does one not instantly deduce that something came before when looking at something new. Did those people just learn those skills overnight? In the greater scheme of things, even 200 years is overnight in terms of progress.

Surely we as living humans are more proof than anything of the fact that we must have come from somewhere, not God, but our parents parents and so on. Whenever you look into ancient cultures it almost seems though there lies an invisible yet active force of people who just do not want you digging that deep. Pun intended. I will cover that in a future article.

Not only does it seem extremely odd that all the old religions are basically wiped out, save for few torn and tattered buildings. A mere shadow of their former glory.

When will the next cycle occur I wonder, if there is any that is.

Will there be some kind of Cataclysm?


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