Apocalypse Now?

With all the rantings and ravings of old loons and new goons about these days one can hardly tell where, if any, the truth lies.

This brings me to our topic for today, apocalypse predictions and their predictors. Predictions about the apocalypse and lastly but not least of all, apocalyptic ideologies.

Lets begin with the most obvious so we can get it out of the way quicker.


More specifically christianity which out of all the religions are the noisiest about their apocalypse predictions. We have all heard at least one of them that have gone awry. As usual the failed predictions are shrugged off as though they are just misinterpreted information from heavenly bodies, but rest assured the apocalypse will come and you can know all about it for just a small fee given in the form of a donation. Now most people will argue that this is just voluntary, and while that may be true in theory. It is hardly in practice. To a perceptive individual it will become abundantly clear how manipulative and scummy that practice is. I have seen individuals with torn garments donate more that they could afford simply to not appear as poor as they actually are. A local temple I used to attend actually has faux gold plated plaques commemorating those who have donated a lot of money. Great if you are well off. Not so much if you cannot pay the rent but still love god.

Priests are a whole other story, I am no atheist. Not by title. I am one in practice. There are some foolish people like Neil De Grasse Tyson who think themselves wise and great for imparting knowledge that should be basic to anyone not indoctrinated into a religious cult at the age of 1.

I know I am not atheist but I do see the need for atheism to exist. I am not an atheist because much like Satanism, it creates a rod for its own back. It is an inherently offensive title, almost immediately, some could say meant to revoke the other side.

Like playstation and xbox, on the one hand it is easy to understand why people would be passionate about it, it becomes so nonsensical that one sees the futility in it. To someone who owns both consoles and perhaps a gaming PC, the argument is non-existent.


Predictions about the apocalypse are not all too crazy for one simple reason, we cannot control the world of the weather. When it comes to acts that can apparently only be done by God.

The people who buy into these ideas are the kinds of people who are doomsday preppers, people who do not mind seeing the world burn if it means they are proven right.

Which in itself is a scary enough concept in my opinion.

This article will go in hand with a previous article about God and understanding as well as a future article about the cycles of the earth.

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