Farm Murders In South Africa – Why Is It Happening?

To understand what is happening in Southern Africa with these farm murders one has to try to understand the plight of those alive today who still remember the injustices of the past. My parents are among them, they would often talk of times they couldn’t go onto certain beaches, were called “coolie” by an Afrikaans racist, sometimes even by an english speaking person, which was quite uncommon but not on the whole out of the ordinary. In fact, recently when I tried to ride my bike out to a few farm areas just to chill out in the countryside for a while, I was followed by a local community policing member.

A small farm on the outskirts of my city.

Strange, seeing as how I was not really doing anything wrong, I was smoking a joint though. So perhaps that was what made him think weird stuff. Maybe he deserves the benefit of the doubt, if I expected everyone to just blindly trust every dumb stoner out there that would be ridiculous.

So just a head up, here is the link to original article, released seven days prior to me writing this, of course, at the time of writing.

The article is titled “Farm Murders A Sign Of Deeper Issues” so lets delve into what these deeper issues are.

The Deeper Issues

Largely these stem from racist Afrikaaners. Which they will fervently deny, but I challenge any one of you to have a conversation with these asshats, they simply cannot help themselves. They will bring up race and prejudice any chance they get, often looking for sympathy from the interested party, in their plight. They often cite how clean the country used to be, how many structures have fallen into disrepair and worse still, how they ( the whites ) cannot get any jobs.

While some of these arguments have some merit, it is largely just the racist ramblings of these fools. Because the end is always ” and that’s why we should still be in power” so with that in mind, you can imagine most of them play down anything down by the government to repair this or that.

Though many South Africans also are pretty dumb. Just visit my twitter to see how many times I have to engage with these fools to show them some sense before they gather en masse and destroy local businesses and shops.

I could do a whole deep dive on the Afrikaaners and their racist heritage, akin to the heritage of the deep south of America. They are almost the same people. But we will save that for another time.

In a nutshell, this is largely happening because of all the unanswered crimes and atrocities of the past of which the Afrikaaners are not the least bit apologetic. As with most racist whites, they claim very quickly that what happened was in the past, and that we should all conveniently forgive and forget, but what they never mention, is that is it not the past for them, it is very much the present. To some degrees, their envisioned future. I even have old friends who have actually argued for the benefits of racial segregation. That was just three years ago mind you. In 2017 they were convinced of the separation of races, they are Afrikaans. Not that other whites are immune to this, another white friend of mine, once just said out of the blue…. something so racist, I couldn’t believe it was the same people who had fed and cared for us every time we showed up for skate sessions. My black friends as well, though they were not as hospitable to them as they were me, they think of Indians kind of like recruits, in their minds we are all just one remark away from being them. Not wholly untrue mind you, as Indians can be some of the most closed minded ignorant people out there.

So now on to the actual article.

“Durban – PREMIER Sihle Zikalala yesterday said that farm murders were an indication of unresolved and deep-seated issues around land ownership and land poverty as well as the country’s racist past.

He made the statement in the wake of last month’s murders of Glen and Vida Rafferty on their Normandien farm. Zikalala and Agriculture and Rural Development MEC Bongi Sithole-Moloi visited the Newcastle farming area recently.

Zikalala said they wanted to find lasting solutions to tensions within the community.

A day after his visit locals apprehended two men carrying what they suspected were stolen items.

Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said two men entered a house at a farm in Hattingspruit. They stole cash, a cellphone and a computer monitor.

“The local farmers spotted the two men carrying the stolen property. They were apprehended. The suspects aged 21 and 25 were placed under arrest. Hattingspruit police are investigating a case of burglary and theft,” Gwala said.

Zikalala said they met the local farming community to get to the bottom of their concerns and challenges.

“The improvement of policing in the area is a priority. The police were accused of taking sides in their investigations. We would like to see farmers and farm residents working together to address the issue of access to basic services,” said Zikalala.

Meanwhile, Police Minister, General Bheki Cele is hosting a Ministerial Rural Safety Imbizo in Normandien.”

Sihle Zikalala yesterday said that farm murders were an indication of unresolved and deep-seated issues around land ownership and land poverty as well as the country’s racist past – this statement is true in more ways than I can describe in this one article, because like I said, these Afrikaaners are very very racist, they even have a segregated community where they all migrate to escape crime, in other words to escape all of us filthy dark skinnys. Because white people don’t rob others right? Through the article you will almost see a sort of unwillingness to address these things correctly, that is not by accident, they even say somewhere that they believe the police are taking sides. Why wouldn’t they, who would actually want to side with someone who is outright racist?

A picture of a Farm I took here in South Africa

Racism is a word that is thrown around too much, it has lost all of it’s teeth really, nowadays, even I get called a racist. Sometimes by whites. Which is hilarious, because if you are white and you think that someone just disliking or hating white people is terrible, just imagine if we did a quarter of the things you subjected us to. I’m sure you would declare all out war, we did as well, then you murdered all of us.


Nope, no ways right?

The article closes with this :

“During a previous visit, Cele assured the community that he will return to the area to address some of their concerns through the National Rural Safety Strategy that is aimed at looking at a holistic approach to rural safety that includes collaboration between government, the private sector and civil society.”

Not a very convincing argument, but I will be covering the stories related to this as well as exploring why and who were killed in these attacks, their past, and the many facets of this sordid tale in South Africa’s current story.

As I just said, there will be far more articles exploring this event as well as others that have occured.

So follow my twitter, my Insta and Facebook should be up soon.


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