Abide The Tide

One might find it commonplace to follow trends. Others look down upon it. Often both sides are prone to have a go @ each other on social media, each outing the other for what they deem are irreparable flaws that – surely – should send their entire business crashing down and their fans scattered to the proverbial wind.

Smart companies use this to their advantage and encourage rivalry, pitting their customer base against one another or perhaps synchronizing two businesses to play up the rivalry for the profit.

Some may scoff at this.

I would have once.

I do see it differently now.

For one these fans seem to be content in their own way, they don’t have a problem being used as pawns in economic games of chess. They relish the attention lavished upon their obsession. Of course now, it is far worse.

With that being said, when does one abandon these mortal coils of rivalry induced by economic misfortune, for those who have all the money care little for these things – they don’t care about the new Playstation or Xbox. They could buy both and a high-end gaming rig. While less fortunate folks will be inevitably pitted against one another because both companies will be frothing at the mouth thinking about all the money they will make off the fandom competition. Likewise with cars, wealthy people could have any car they they desire, so most of them drive simple cars. While poor people will argue for hours (sometimes even fight) over which car is better than which and for what reason. Many of these can be seen as parallel universes to one another. The same thing in different forms.

One can thus abandon this by realizing that personal experience is all that matters, some people really hate things that other people love, and vice versa. If you enjoy something, it’s best to hold onto that, in these times on social media, one needs to guard what you may say about things you are passionate about. Lest you be ridiculed. It is not always the case.

But it has been known to happen.

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