Pre CV & Post CV

I find myself watching videos and movies now and thinking “we had it so good”. The lockdwown has given me new perspectives on many aspects of life I had previously taken for granted. I am lying about taking it for granted, but I certainly did not do many things as often as I would have liked. I’m sure many echo these sentiments. Or perhaps not?

I stated in a previous article how I felt during this period and have a few dumb articles coming out a few days from now, perhaps in July.

With my recent engagement with a few peons here on the platform, I have come to realize that many here are basically getting away with bullshit unopposed. People are actually quite taken aback by it. How does a person grow?

If there is one thing skateboarding has taught me it is that you have to fall hard to know how to get back up again. No one is above that pain. Hence why so many shy away from it.

In these times, here in South Africa, we are currently experiencing lockdown in levels. I do not know what level we are in now, all I know is that I miss doing stuff. Not that I will be running into any stores or restuarants anytime soon, but the feeling of normality needs to come back for me. I also miss cigars, haha.

What else will change after this virus?

…started making cartoons again!

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