The Trade-Off Of Feminism

I recently came across a number of people who make me question the level of general sanity that pervades our daily lives. One such individual is Chalya Bitrus. A mediocre writer whose expressions on feminism echo the footfalls of those very few unsuccessful ones who did nothing but hurt the movement.

Do not worry I will reblog the original article so that you all can see just how ridiculous this persons idealogy is. She thinks that feminism is some sort of all encompassing term that acts as a blanket for every women on earth. A sort of one size fits all philosophy.

Whats makes this so hilarious to me is how far from reality it is, I am currently editing a video in response to John Olivers atrocious video on Narendra Modi, the current president of india. In it he berates him as though Muslims are above reproach and insult. Completely neglecting the fact that those people only just a few years ago allowed women to drive.

Hold on let me just say that again for all of you Indians and other races who are too stupid to understand logic.


That thing we all HAVE to do to get to work and get food and take our pets to the vet? Yeah, they only allowed women to do that :

On 26 September 2017, King Salman issued an order to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia, with new guidelines to be created and implemented by June 2018.

What will shock you even more is that they believe that this was correct, no, not the men. The WOMAN.

Yes, you heard me coreectly, these women have been so beaten into submission by their stupid Islamic religion that they honestly believe that women should all do what they do. They actively blame many of the problems we have here in the western world to what they do in comparison.

I have even heard stories of Islamic people going on pilgrimage to Mecca ( Hajj or whatever its called, I don’t give a fuck) talking about how great Saudi Arabia is. How safe it is. Yeah dumbass, Im sure if the punishment for stealing a loaf of bread was to get your hands cut off that you would probably think twice before doing any kind of crime yourself.

In much the same way, a simple perusing of Christopher Hitchens will relate to you all the atrocities women face in that country. He famously referred to it as one of the three ‘Axis Of Evil’ in the world today.

And I wholeheartedly agree.

According to the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, it is not mandatory for women visiting the country to wear an abaya or hijab. Women visiting Saudi Arabia will no longer need to wear an abaya.

That was taken from a news source recently as per the question how should women dress in Saudi Arabia? Bear in mind that this SERIOUSLY stands in opposition to what Muslims believe. They are negating a great deal of their traditional outlooks to engage in this behaviour.

It is just like when they say they are peaceful, they arent, they are only peaceful because the laws where they live aren’t in their favor. If they were Islamic laws, well lets just say that fashion, would look very different.

It is this among many things that people like Chalya Bitrus take for granted when they are jumping atop their social justice warrior horses to join in the ‘good fight’.

If you are a feminist, remember…..

Not all women think alike.

Nor should they.

Necromancer Owt.

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