Tears For The Past – Part 2

On the 15th of April this year I posted an a piece called Tears For The Past, an excerpt from Graham Hancocks book, Fingerprints of The Gods.

This is part two.

What might we learn if we could examine this very old jewel today? And how old was it really? We shall never find out because Fr Benito, the first missionary of Achiotlan, seized the stone from the Indians: ‘He had it ground up, although a Spaniard offered three thousand ducats for it, stirred the powder in water, poured it upon the earth and trod upon it…

Graham Hancock – Fingerprints Of The Gods

Such disrespect is often shown by people who have no understanding nor desire to understand other peoples cultures. They will travel to these places under the guise of learning but will later mock these ancient customs upon their return. I recently encountered one such individual and will be sharing the ridiculous piece on meditation.

Many fail to understand that these are ancient ideas and they take a long time to understand, thinking one could understand it from even a lifetime worth of trips is foolish. There are people who spend their whole lives dedicated to it and they barely scratch the surface.

Equally typical of the profilgate squandering of the intellectual riches concealed in the Mexican past was the shared fate of two gifts given to Cortez by the Aztec emperor Monteczuma. These were circular calendars as big as cartwheels, one of solid silver, and the other of solid gold. Both were elaborately engraved with beautiful heiroglyphs which may have contained material of great interest.

Cortez had them melted down for ingots on the spot.

Graham Hancock – Fingerprints Of The Gods

Why is there so much disrespect for culture, why must one group of people fight another?

Perhaps this is the way of the world.

As always thanks a lot for reading, really appreciate it. Give Graham Hancocks’ book a look if you are interested, I will post a link to it in the very last article.

But for now

Take Care.

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