Of Art & Titles

Much talk is made of art these days, even more of artists.

I recall a few years ago on a google plus website called abstract art, I questioned what it was that I was looking at, and instantly, I had commited the biggest sin in that community.

If it had been the old days I would have been hanging from a tree with a fork up my ass for sure. What ensued was a slew of comments condemning my actions, it felt like being berated by a bunch of kindergarten kids after criticizing Little Billy’s work.

I honestly thought to myself, what on earth did I do wrong here? I just didnt know what I was looking at, It could have been someones kitchentop or curdled milk left out for three years.

It was anyone but the photgraphers guess as to what it really was. I consider myself to be a fan of art, I am not very knowledgable about it, Im an enthusiast you could say, but no connoisseur, I do feel that I appreciate good art.

That said this piece is a lament for what I believe is a loss of art and a rise in mediocrity. Not always, but sometimes.

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