Tears For The Past – Part 1

The following section of reference work is taken from an older and probably revised copy of Graham Hancocks – Fingerprints Of The Gods.

Their eyes scaled with ignorance, bigotry and greed, the spanish erased a precious heritage of mankind when they arrived in Mexico.In so doing they deprived the future of any detailed knowledge concerning the brilliant and remarkable civilizations which once flourished in Central America.

What, for example, was the true history of the glowing ‘idol’ that rested in a sacred sanctuary in the Mixtec capital Achiotlan? We know of this curious object through the writings of a sixteenth-century eyewitness, Father Burgoa :

The material was of marvellous value, for it was an emerald the size of a thick pepper-pod [ capsicum], upon which a small bird was engraved with the greatest skill, and, with the same skill, a small serpent coiled ready to strike. The stone was so transparent that it shone from its interior with the brightness of a candle flame. It was a very old jewel, and there is no tradition extant concerning the origin of its veneration and worship”

Such are many of the tales of the old world, of looting burning & destruction. Done by those to whom the value of nothing is of utmost importance – in other words to those who take pride in their skin colour as though it is a sort of blessing. Bestowed upon them by the lord god almighty to represent how important and special they are here on earth. White people & people of a fairer disposition.

They come with axes, they come with fire, burning hacking gnawing. Destroyers and usurpers, curse them all!

A sentiment I am all but becoming too familiar with. It is truly sickening just how much of our precious history has been lost to the callous individuals. Now just how much of it is actually lost I deem debatable, because of the large amount of privately funded expeditions as well as how little we supposedly ‘find’ when some structures are unearthed, I do believe that most if not all of these apparently destroyed lyrics are resting comfortably in the hands of private collectors or in the vaults of the Vatican.

This is not necessarily a bad thing because one can understand even with the most simple of minds, why having something valuable stay with someone who actually values it, does a world of good. Lest it fall into far more treacherous hands.

I have written an article concerning this, titled the bleeding effect. In it I dive into the voynich manuscript, an ancient and scholars would argue, worthless document that describes certain parts of the ‘new world’ long before western civilization discovered it.

There are many inconsistencies in our history and even more lies to back it up.

As a wise man once said, history is a lie.

An even wiser man also said, history is written by the victors.

It seems both are true in our case, as we live in a world so connected through information, yet what sells is misinformation, scandal and the like. It is far more valuable in our marketplace to click bait that to truth ‘bait’. Someone who is trying to find the truth will often come up against massive scrutiny, yet, those who lie for a living are given far more lee-way.

It is better to be a coward and a liar it seems.

Be callous, destroy anothers culture for your own amusement, such are the times we live in.


When the same is done to them, they do not take so kindly towards it.

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