Cigars & Cigarettes

My last battle for my addiction will be with tobacco, the deadliest of them all, I hate smoking cigs and have often in the past kept a stash of weed just to avoid smoking cigs as a new habit.

That was to no avail as I stated in the previous article. Check that out.

As the go-to drug for rehabilitation from other drugs I am hardly the first to go through this, nor will I be the last so I write this as advice to all who are in the same boat and as a form of perspective on those who may never be.

Smoke if you must, but be present in the moment, realize that you are only getting temporary relief and that even though it feels good, resorting to it as the only forom of release or as it is for me right now, the last form of relaxation I allow myself, that that is a slippery path to tread with a drug that takes more lives than murder and car accidents combined.

Do not allow it to become a habit, go big or go home. Smoke cigars, which are stronger and harder to smoke all at once. If you buy a pack, smoke the whole thing and get sick, that will make the next pack look awfully unappealing. If it still does, then cheers Pal, you are probably gonna have a hole in your neck by 60 years of age.

If you are exactly where I am, in that take it or leave it stage, develop new habits, I have found that addiction can be turned into obsession which is very useful for mastery of crafts. Addicts are technically hidden genuises with bad habits.

All you need to do is become addicted to something good, because nearly everything is addictive, food, candy, even godamn video games. So take everything with a pinch of salt. Become obsessed but be aware of why you are doing it, and stay level headed.

This advice will not work for everyone, but then again….

when does good advice ever apply or even have meaning to everyone?

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