LockDown Extended

You read that correctly, however it is hardly news. As mostly a homebody now, this doesn’t bother me in the slightest, what does bother me is not being able to go outside of my complex for extended periods of time.

Police presence has increased and the army is roaming the streets, most upsetting to me is not being able to buy cigarettes. But I will cover that in another post. None of this really bothers me too much in the sense that I have always been disciplined enough to know how to feel functional whereas others in this lockdown situation feel useless and bored. I am bored, but for an entirely different reason, as I said I would cover in a future article.

I was thinking about it the other day and even if I were in school or had a job that was not essential, I would look at this as an impromptu holiday of sorts. Though most people I know are having a very hard time, because they are in lockdown, and without having to report somewhere everyday, they feel useless. Which I think further illustrates how useless some people really are, sure there are those who are genuine hard workers, but many more so of those who are not.

Who are just paid to show up.

Even menial tasks, can hardly be considered a job if a trained monkey could do it, and very much so in the future, we will probably maybe have trained monkeys, but more likely is AI.

Why would menial jobs be necessary and need people when it could be automated and all the losses that comes with employing human beings becomes obsolete? It costs significantly less to repair a broken machine than a broken human being.

All this said I just find it funny how people feel right now, more importantly though, I wonder how this will change our world. This is very different, not like anything we have ever seen before, as a person who is lets say – in touch with what I like to call ” Informed Conspiracy Theorists” I was well ahead of the curve on this disease, and recommended buying face masks as early as february, it was to no avail. As I only managed to get mine in march.

How will this reported?

What tales will be told of this event?

More importantly how many of us will be left, will this change the way we interact with one another? Will there be a sense of comraderie amongst us survivors?

Will nothing change among people?


Nothing will change amongst us, after all Shakespeares work does not astound me because of its relevance, but rather how it subtly hints at our emotional & mental stagnation.

My guess is we will probably be back to fighting with one another all over again as soon as the dust settles, as we always have.

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