COVID-19 & My Country On Lockdown

A few days ago I walked into a mall wearing my protective mask and gloves, to many stares and snickers. Today the president announced a mandatory lockdown of all people, also referred to as a quarantine. How this will be enforced I do not know.

There have been statements from the media but nothing seems official yet.

So I guess I have the last laugh.

I was prepared unlike most people, I use VPN’s to browse international news so I was spared none of the ensuing tragedy and didnt shy away from seeing it. This informed me as to how bad it could get earlier on in the year. People were still making jokes and brushing it off. Ofcourse racist banter was found, ranging from those filthy asians deserve it, to it will never come to the west because its an asian disease, and so on.

Now it is a global pandemic. Funny how when it doesnt affect whites, its all fun and games, but as soon as it does, then its time to be taken seriously.

I do not see this going away anytime soon and although vaccines are in the works, I know for a fact that only people with money will get them first when they eventually roll out next year, in 2021. Due to clinical trials and so on.

I will continue to protect myself as best I can and advise anyone reading this to do the same. Not out of fear but as a precaution. Some people are asymptomatic and dont even know they have it. Thus increasing the spread without them even knwoing it.

Bottom line – stay safe out there guys.

The Apocalypse Is Coming Hahaha
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