Video Games & Real Life

I love video games, I feel tat as a medium they are far superior at communicating ideals and ideas. More importantly conveying messages to the audience. Take for example the new Witcher series on netflix. It is good, but not a single person watching it who hasnt played the video games will ever understand how in depth that world is, it is akin to those who have read the lord of the rings as opposed to those who have just watched the movies. Even the directors cut versions. When one reads the book, a relationship is formed between you and that clump of papers. The way you read it in your head – or if you are some weirdo who reads out loud to themselves for some reason – a bond is made between you and said book. I have not yet met a person who values a book and treats it badly, as in neglects to care for it physically.

Often when some people choose to stand up to certain powers based on force and intellectual prowess a mass burning of books that oppose the points of the new movement are held. Why? How on earth could a single clump of papers strung together numerically possibly cause a living breathing human being to destroy it? In much the same way, it begs the question from ny with any semblance of a working brain, how anyone could blame video games for violence and or violent acts in todays society, what then of all the wars fought prior to the advent of video games?

One could argue that violence is innate to humans, we are and have always been violent. Force is the only true weapon in our world. There is no freedom or democracy of any kind, all we are is told to do certain things and if you dont you pay the consequences.

That isnt freedom.

That isnt fair or just as some would say.

How then would someone show a person who is completely adverse to certain kinds of knowledge based on their own misconceptions, anything they do not want to see? How can one communicate the beauty of certain things to such an individual. For example how ould one communicate racial beauty to a racist who only sees white people as beautiful? How too would you defend against the moron who takes one look at that sentence and goes “so only white people can be racist then?”


Defiantly No.

Literally anyone from any backround can be racist, but white people tend to come from cultures that are rooted solely on principles that teach racial supremacy – ” youre great because youre white, youre great because your eyes are blue – being white is a blessing from god and being dark skinned is a form of curse – if your eyes are are green you are more intelligent” and so on. Arbitrary traits to prove illogical points about intellect which is arguably based on input, not aesthetics. If it were then every smart person would look the same, every mechanic would look the same, every electrician would look the same and every plumber would look the same. If looks were indicators of your abilities or professionalism.

But lets save that for another article, how then would one share the vast beauty of video games with one who doesnt want to play them? you really cant. I for one wish my father would try some WWE games and or shooters like Battlefield Hardline because he enjoys watching movies with similar concepts.

I will cover this topic further in a future article entitled Experiential Overlap, for now though…. go play some video games.

Connect with your character, and feel as though you are jumping through that dangerous pit, or slaying the gods of old in God Of War.

Or grinding a 25 stair rail in skate, hahaha.

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