Skate Boards & Fruit Boots

Lately I have found a surprisingly great number of individuals who have an interest in rollerblading. Rollerblading of all things. I saw this specifically on this guys video –

It was lame, that’s what happened.

So yeah, im sure there will be some losers amongst you who actually think this is cool, or that he isnt saying anything bad or whatever. I pity you sorry losers and will actively harass fruitbooters because you exist. It is simply a lesser for of sport. Jumping down those rails doesnt take that much balls when those things are glued to your feet, if my skateboard were glued to my feet, I would also have jumped down some massive stuff as well. Some will say, oh so why dont you prove it? and I would if I didn’t hate the shit so much. Instead I will prove it on another field, BMX. BMXing is often seen as harder or more impressive than skateboarding and I have always known that to be false. I have been riding bikes since I was a kid, and I got my first fish board when I was a kid as well.

Even then I knew skateboarding was far more technical, the thing was I struggled with riding a bike, I didnt even take my training wheels off for a really long time. It was actually this dumbass kid next door who had brought out this small bike to learn himself and I seized the opportunity. i struggled at first – really leaning the bike back and forth. But in that moment I realized, wow. Anyone can learn this. Sure they mall fall once or twice, but they will get up, and then they will have a renewed vigor for riding. So I just dont get it.

I am not trying to downplay how difficult bmxing can be, but it when people who know a little or think they know too much about something they probably dont even do that pisses me off. You also see this in music. People think that just because millions of people listen to something that that automatically makes it good or means its good by relativity. This logic really falls apart if you think about it realistically. Thousands of people believe doomsday is coming, if not more including the religious sector and tat goes up to the millions. Does that idea become valid simply by virtue of people believing in it? If you call an elephants trunk a leg, how many legs does it have? By this retarded logic, if thousands of people said it, it would have five legs. But just because you call something a certain name doesnt make it that way. There is a theory making the rounds now, called the mandela effect where thousands of people recall seeing nelson mandela die. It was actually another political activist.

There is another side to this story, I recall a video of a skateboarder getting upstaged by a fruitbooter hahaha – well it turns out that video was removed, or perhaps I cant find it.

I do recall a fondness for the wheelie shoes worn by Philius Fog in around the world in 80 days

Those look so cool, or maybe they look gay as fuck and I just like Steve Coogans role so much that it blinds me to the reality. So I guess my point is, masses dont decide things, small talented groups of people do. Masses approve them in a sense. As far as society will allow that is, which today it seems is a wide audience.

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