What Blogging Means To Me

Blogging is self-expression to some and graffiti with punctuation to another. That is from that kingsman secret circle movie or whatever its called, I love it as a statement because it clearly comes from people who believe their medium superior. In much the same way that blockbuster once scoffed at the idea of DVD. Now blockbuster would make more money as a museum than a store, perhaps a museum with a gift shop.

Blogging is subjective, as is any art. I cannot define it the way I would like, because my view of it is my own, and not necessarily shared by others who participate or spectate.

I suppose why I critique others work so much is because of how much I have gained from blogging, so I in turn would like others to share that experience. It is my gateway to the inner workings of people, being able to communicate personal ideas with a large audience.

I feel sort of like we feel here on earth, reaching for the stars. I am sending out these messages and I do not know where they will land, or when. or to whom. If it ever reaches anyone at all. Every interaction on here feels like contact with a new civilization, in the form of a human carrying their own vast experiences and knowledge through space and time with them.

When I consider how much I have learned from blogging and bloggers, I would really not be the same person I am today without it.

I can only hope to have the same effect of other people.

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