The Bleeding Effect

Voynich Manuscript – Folio 33v”

One of four extant pages of the mysterious Voynich manuscript, stolen from Peter Beckfords’ collection at some point after 1705. Though the manuscript was found in Europe prior to the European discovery of the new world, this image clearly depicts a sunflower, a flower only found in the Americas at the time”

Duncan Walpole

*Authors Note – All information pertaining to this individual is unverified.

“Second cousin to Robert Walpole. Britains “first prime minister”. Duncan was raised in relative comfort and ease until his 18th birthday, whereupon he joined the British Royal Navy as a mid shipman with dreams of becoming a full officer.His immoderate temper and his impulsiveness, however, stymied a swift ascension and he grew impatient with his progress.

After three years his interests in the navy had dwindled to nothing. With his heart set on finding a post in the East India Company, he had a chance meeting with a fellow sailor whom he had come to respect and admire…. And it was this sailor who introduced Walpole to the assassin order and all its teachings.

Leery at first, Duncan soon took to his secret order with a fervor and drive that he had not known in the navy. And as his skills increased so too did is reputation. But his temper and impulsiveness — coupled with a growing arrogance —- were always a liability, and he was known for his frequent clashes with the elders of the British Asassination Order.

Still he was a valuable asset to the order — so much so that in 1774 his mentor asked him to sail for the West Indies, rendevous with his brother there, and meet with their mentor.

Ah Tabai.

Walpole accepted this position with eagerness and departed within the month.

The assassins in England never heard from him again…”

This is because in the game, you kill him.How much of this is true and how much is speculation is anyones guess, though I am inclined to think that this was probably added by someone who works for Ubisoft. To add further lore to the game. Some will argue that it is all speculation and that only the names & locations are real. But much of what we call science fiction is now reality. What once was considered ludacris in the 1900’s is now the norm.

Speculation it seems – is as interwoven into the fabric of life as faith. For what is God without wonder? Heaven after all is made of earth. No religious person has ever conveyed or glimpsed anythi g truly otherworldy, everything – every feat – Every miracle. Is only really impressive because most of us can’t do it. Most people couldn’t talk to each other and hear each others voices if they lived a certain distance away without meeting. Now we do all the time. People couldn’t do it then, they probably even believed it couldn’t be done.

The bleeding effect in the context of the game refers to the act of knowledge passing through to the other person through emulation, more or less… By playing as your ancestor, you become more like them. The knowledge bleeds through. The simulation that is. In much the same way I feel a bleeding effect from everything I do, and it surely isn’t unique to me. This effect could be called learning I suppose. But it hints at something more innate. So I will not dumb it down to that. Lets say…. you have never climbed a rock wall before, but you have always wanted to. And one day you muster up the courage to do it. To your surpise you are actually pretty good. Maybe not at first. But you realize that if you continue to push yourself, you will reach your goal. All of a sudden you realize that maybe just maybe, you or someone like you may have done this before. A form of Deja’ Vu of a past life if you will. If you were to hone that skill – you could be a world class rock climber.

But no one in your recent family history has done anything like that, hence the bleeding effect. After all, we are all here because our ancestors must have done some fucked up shit to one another or to others. We are all survivors. For all the thousands of years humans have been around, or however long, we are the ones who made it. The ones whose ancestors fought for survival, reproduced and lived on through us.

What then is the value of modern idealogies that teach otherwise. The truth is plain to see. We know a dog or cat is the product of their parents and their parents before them. Why then do we struggle so hard with the exact same reality. Are we all not the product of our lineage?

Perhaps not, considering some people will soon be born in labs. Not wombs. Then who will your ancestors be?

A glass vial?

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