Lil’ Bits – “Shut Up & Eat…”

As I continue to pursue my work goals I am reminded of my promise on my youtube channel to make a new years resolution video, which I have neglected to make. I plan to increase the output of my creativity by utilizing some of the stuff I have bought over the past year. I recently was listening to a new song by Oliver Tree –

That car tho…

I dig this guy, he is awesome. I have been following him since his single Hurt –

I love that thumbnail… I had to sign in just to embed this vid.

Which is pretty late to the party but still early enough to know him before he became the fully fledged and appreciated meme he is today. The point I’m getting to is that the song really resonates with me, I have a bad habit of just buying stuff for no reason. A good example of this was black friday of 2019 –

Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. The day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of the United States Christmas shopping season since 1952, although the term “Black Friday” did not become widely used until more recent decades.

on which I spent quite a bit of money for no reason really. I went out looking for deals and did get a few but a great many of my purchases although small – were unnecessary. I shouldn’t say I buy them for no reason as I do like to think of myself as thrifty. I spend for the sake of spending. Which is foolish. I have got out of that habit recently & learned to save, but I struggle to invest wisely or find worthy investments. A bit of both.

One area that has really payed off is subscriptions to services for games, music or entertainment. Not to mention internet.

The title of the article is taken from an episode of Rick & Morty in which the character says that phrase, it is clear that he is aware he is ripping people off with the tiny food he is selling. It is because of this subtle hint that he knows what he is doing that I scoff at those on this platform who subscribe to those who put little or no effort into their writing. Blogging is not an art form to me nor do I see it as something sacred. I have no standards or expectations. What I wonder is how you cannot hold yourself to a standard, blatantly rip off people who subscribe to your ‘content’.

The free form nature of this article is meant in a small way to represent the ramblings of some of these people, there are plenty of people worth following who don’t get the attention they deserve. Perhaps I too am ranting like those I am trying to admonish. Perhaps it is a harkon to the woes of conformist behaviour in people. I prefer to see it as a thought provoking piece to invoke your thoughts.

This article is written in tandem with a future article entitled “What Blogging Means To Me”. They are best read one after the other. Even though this article is published first, consider “What Blogging Means To Me” as the prologue.

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