Short & Sweet -Ness

At the time of you reading this my entire blog should have experienced a complete overhaul, I was very conflicted about this decision as I invested a lot of time and effort into my past articles but unfortunately it was to no avail.

I NEEDED to change my approach.

PROVE myself through hard work – after all it is not wise to criticize were you have no intention to offer a solution.

A need for consistency was the order of the day – I needed to find a way to write articles without having to hold myself to the insanely high standard I previously did of just basically treating every article as a journalistic piece and wanting to write a whole essay. I never completed many of those articles because I felt I could not do them justice by just hammering some words out on my keyboard. I wanted it to be interactive and interesting to the reader. More importantly – correct. On the internet there is a wealth of information and misinformation alike. I did not want to make something half-heartedly and just end up getting corrected. Integrity is important for that reason.

So now I have developed this format you see in the article and the ones preceding it. I will be posting every day of the week and although that will be hard and time consuming, I will enjoy it – I hope. Perhaps take a break here and there to avoid mental collapse, in tandem with this I will also be posting seperate links to my daily youtube videos for two reasons – 1 – to reach a wider audience and – 2 – because I can put some effort and work into the art I post on the site as opposed to the thumbnails on youtube for which I still am editing on very rudimentary software.

Nonetheless I am looking forward to doing this.

Until thursday my dear readers.

Have a great wednesday!

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