From The Ground Up

I deleted all of my old articles, which did disappoint me quite a bit, what was more disappointing however was the amount of time I put into those articles and despite the hard work and hours of research, no one read the damn things. Or if people read them they didn’t interact, worse still – when someone did read them it was some absolute mook who made me question our education system & really our society in general.

Is it fascinating or devastating that we can have geniuses like kanye west in the world alongside dimwits like Elon Musk?

Who Knows?

Who Cares?

Probably no one.

I will share a short paragraph from the old article I refer to –

The dictionary defines this type of loser as “a person who is disadvantaged by a particular situation or course of action”. The course of action in this scenario being that I wrote something & he don’t like it. Caveman say noooo!. At first I responded to him because I thought he was worth responding to, but since you are probably reading this Budd, I won’t. Go f#ck yourself, I will personally spit when I pass shacks in memory of your suffering, now stop complaining and work harder. Or you could just become our president. You are actually a perfect candidate.

Who will even be reading this?

Hopefully someone this time.

I guess one of my biggest gripes with blogging is that it is basically shitposting to some people –

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Shitposting is posting large amounts of content “aggressively, ironically, and of trollishly poor quality”[1] to an online forum or social network,[2][3][4][5] in some cases intended to derail discussions or otherwise make the site unusable to its regular visitors

not that I am against people expressing their feelings or interests, Or even that you shouldn’t post rubbish every now and then for fun. I just think back to how much I have learned from blogging and bloggers, how much information I found and how inspired I felt afterwards. Then there is the person who just posts perhaps, a song they listened to. Ok great, but why not post that on your personal account on facebook or instagram? To some this qualifies as main content on their blog. I don’t understand it really. Why others follow that is even stranger, I suppose we all want a following, deep down.

For one, I do not want those kinds of readers, I would like to get people who value quality input and criticism. Of me especially. Not some one who can barely read. Not satisfied with a repost of a song on iTunes or Spotify. Because when you put in work, you don’t just want it to pass by the wayside to someone who basically plagiarized their entire catalog. I won’t lie to you or weave you some fanciful tale of guts & glory. I will bare my soul & you can decide whether or not I am worthy enough. In fact the more I grow as a creator, the more I intend to give back – help others. I see no point in denying that life is struggle. I find more joy in hard work and “suffering”. Enjoying life is one thing, becoming a glutton is not far behind that unfortunately.

I buy into the Buddhist philosophy of life is suffering and trying to avoid it is futile, in fact that is why I continue to work so well, it is because of the idiots, the morons – the lack of attention.

I fear attention.

Or rather too much.

Suffering seems to be some kind of trade off for brillaint work in my case, much like how the colours of autumn are the result of the trees trying their hardest to hold onto life, essentially dying slowly. Or the marvelous display of a dying star?

Click on 6:48 in the timebar

If all were good and death were not real – we have enough of everything & achieve all our dreams – what would life be?

What would heaven be?

Without the idiots – what is a smart man after all?

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