The Four Horsemen

The more I think about how we all are currently living in relation to my previously written article on the cycles of the earth, the more I am starting to realize just how much of an effect a cataclysmic event can have on a population.

I mean here we sit in our period of time thinking we are so advanced yet we cannot contain this virus.

We have to resort to extreme measures in order to stop it from spreading to one another. Nearly every single country is currently in lock down all because of this pandemic. It seemed so far fetched to me before that an event, a single thing could wipe out a massive population, I often pondered, if it hit one place hard, surely it couldn’t have wiped out all the others. I thought to myself, what of the people who escaped this horrible fate, what of their knowledge and wisdom. Did they simply not pass it down?

Even at a glance, this event will be embedded in our memories for a long time to come, I was watching a podcast recently with Rhett and link called ear biscuits and I heard him talk about his grandmother using aluminum foil many times because in the depression they didn’t have much.

It reminds me of the toilet paper situation today, will I one day be gifted toilet paper as a form of joke to bring to memory all the hard times we lived through?

But now, I see, even with our technology where it is, we are having a hard time.

Back then it would have been much worse.

How many of us I wonder would have perished had we not been on lock down, how many would have perished if the only way we could inform one another is by physically riding or walking to each other or sending a messenger whom then would make the journey for us? How would people have sought medical treatment when so few medically trained people were around back then. One shaman to a whole village would have meant that sooner rather than later, if that shaman was not careful….

He would die as well.

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