Sadhana – Continued

The following excerpt was taken from ” Thus Spake Guru Nanak” published by one Sri Ramakrishna Nath of Chennai, India.

Says Nanak, on whomsoever the Lord showers His grace, He bestows this state; but few there be, the chosen ones, who obtain this gift. Restrain the mind-stuff from ebbing away through the nine portals in the body. This will gain you access to the tenth door, which leads to the true house of your Father with its eternal music.

Guru Nanak

I should point out here that I am typing this as it is presented in the book, why they chose to capitalize ‘him’ , ‘lord’ & sometimes ‘master’ are their own choices and not mine. I am just trying to present it well. If you require further clarification, I encourage you to read the book.

Three essentials for the progress of the soul towards the Lord are:

1. Satguru, or the true master.

2. Satsangat, or the congregation of the votaries presided over by the Master.

3. Sat-naam, or the true name.

Guru Nanak

Thus concludes our little delve into the inner workings and teachings of Guru Nanak.

Thank You For Reading.

Have a great day.

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