Introduction Of Paid Content

I have been posting consistently everyday for a while now, and with this comes the introduction of paid content on the site.

Most if not all of the articles posted by me are short and to the point, I do not delve into much, research wise, this will be the difference between paid content and free content.

Do not fret dear ones.

This does not impact my upload schedule in any way and you, the reader, will still be getting one to two articles per day as per the regular schedule. With no downgrade in quality in favor of the other. ( Low as it is, Hahaha :))

The paid content will be extremely lengthy, well detailed posts about stuff I care about. Researched as best I can & with the added benefit of knowledge you perhaps have not yet encountered in your lives.

As this is an arduous undertaking, it will require you to pay for it.

This money will go towards improvements on the site for example upgrading my plan to allow for videos to be uploaded with each paid article.

As it stands now even with a premium plan, WordPress storage is pretty much useless, one could easily take up the measly 13 Gigs given to you with a few editing heavy videos. ( My average youtube upload is anywhere from 400 MB to 650 MB to give you some perspective on how small 13 GB of space is)

I look forward to seeing many of you there!

Thanks Yous very the muches for reading-ing.

Have a great day.

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