Bhagat Singh’s – Why I’m An Atheist

The day shall usher in a new era of liberty when a large number of men and women, taking courage from the idea of serving humanity and liberating them from sufferings and distress, decide that there is no alternative before them except devoting their lives for this cause. They will wage a war against their oppressors, tyrants or exploiters, not to become kings, or to gain any reward here or in the next birth or after death in paradise; but to cast off the yoke of slavery, to establish liberty and peace they will tread this perilous but glorious path.

Bhagat Singh

A siren call to arms against a regime that seems all too evil.

I should state very clearly that while I have no religious inclination and do not believe in supreme beings, that I am not necessarily opposed to the ideas proposed by religious texts. I am not an agnostic. Nor an atheist. I simply am.

That said, I do find atheism to be a rather foolish idealogy, incindiary. It antagonizes those who believe out of the gate without even a chance to create some intrigue. Perhaps it was simply a label that was placed on them. No fault of their own.

I feel that while he sounds very angry and venting that we can all take a few lessons from his speech. He is appealing to our humanity. Asking for us to allow it to rule over us instead of gods. Which is the main point of his book. With a little communism thrown in for good measure. Hahaha.

He does damn a lot of people for not really following what he believes without really giving them a chance. Do not get me wrong foolishness is foolishness, but there are always two sides to every story. I believe that seeing both sides is important to growing as a person.

Bhagat Singh like many atheists, refuses to admit any use to religious text whatsoever. Which I find very foolish, how can one wholly dismiss something without even reading it?

Some though, will read it with prejudice, which should not be done, even if you do not believe in god as I do, read a religious book, or many. It does not make you less of a person. To be wholly objective one needs to see both sides of the story.

You would think an atheist who spends so much of time arguing with the “believers” would at the very least want to arm themselves with knowledge of their “opponent”.

To be fair he does give it some credit.

Come back for that next one.

Peace, Yo.

Love, Light & Blessings Upon All You Filthy Animals.

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