Youth Is Wasted On The Young

What would lead one to seek advice from someone who has barely even been on this earth for longer than some bottles of Whisky?

Im not joking.

I have drunk bottles of wine and whisky that are older than this girl and yet so many people on WordPress follow this person for their what exactly? At the very least you would think that being philosophical would entail a fair bit of experience to back it up.

You may as well ask a 5 year old for their opinion on who to vote for in the next presidential election. Honestly what is actually wrong with people? Im really asking?

Are we all so desperate for some inkling of what we assume is valuable advice that we will even take it from people who literally have nothing to relate but other, far more experienced peoples, opinions of what they think is going on?

Do you people not know how to read books?

These people like Saania Sparkles relish in the attention given to them through these so called endeavors. And you are all just feeding the beast. There are so many people here who actually have valid stuff to say and they never get their time because all of you simps are busy fawning over some dipshit writing about stuff they will never experience.


I can’t even say have a good day because this pissed me off so much.

Grow up people.


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