How I FeEl During Lockdown

How do I feel?

Ok I guess, but that is not what this is really about, what it is about is all of us. How we feel. I think about all those people who have done nothing but go to work every single day before the pandemic. I wonder if stopping and looking around gave them a renewed vigor for work or a have they developed a loathing for it.

I wonder about all those people who somehow still went to work everyday and were somehow unaffected by this worldwide pandemic. I am sure it is a bit of a stretch to say that no one was affected by this global pandemic. As we can see it all around the world. I recently saw a video which apparently showed a country that did not lockdown. Perhaps I will write an article about it. Back to those people, working everyday knowing that their loved ones were the ones who were on the frontlines. Or perhaps just not worrying knowing their loved ones were safe at home.

I did miss going out, I actually did not know how much I enjoyed going out until the lockdown. It also reminded me of all the things I hate, like the movie theatre. But the good news was that I saw a new drive in movie theatre open up. Which if you think about it was almost the perfect social distancing method. Apart from touching the speaker boxes there was little to no contact with anyone outside of your car. Makes me wonder what else could come out of this.

I know that for one thing I am going to go out more. Definitely start hanging out at a few places to pass the time. Going to take a lot more runs in the park. Going to actually hang out in a park. I used to love going to libraries and burying myself in books. I stopped after I found this awesome local bookstore. Found the Lord Of The Rings in there. For 50 Bucks!


I guess to sum up this little piece, I feel like this lockdown and pandemic is something that will go down in history. We are all apart of that history.

Well that about does it, lads n lassies, as always I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this, please consider leaving a like if you enjoyed it, drop a comment telling me if you hate it or love it or maybe how you feel during lockdown?

Keep it real , yo.

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