The Old Caneen’

Ah beer, how I missed it during the lockdown in South Africa, which was a strange thing.

Not everyone did it, not every country I mean, a few did but not that many. Actually I do not know if any did. South Africa is a nation of alcoholics have no doubts about that. I am editing a video right now for youtube that shows just how bad and how justified some people can get in their pursuit of the old swish.

I am no stranger to the stuff myself, I enjoy gin and beer. I enjoy all forms of alcohol actually. I am actually quite a drunk. I remember being carried to a friends house at least twice. I do not always get super drunk but sometimes I do. Just the other night I passed out on the couch. Something I never do. I recall one of my friends had a stupid thing he used to say, it was patched together from a collection of movies. He also liked saying “MINDFUCK” because at that time Criss Angel was at his height and some people including myself, bought into some of the stuff he was doing. It was all just well filmed. Nonetheless that did start my love affair with magic. I am well into it now friends, hahahaha. So back to what that friend said, it was

Sometimes you have got to piss your pants and learn to love it.

Ju-Andre Van De Merwe

I hope I remembered his name correctly, oh well, the odds of him seeing this are little to none so what does it matter. It is so strange, I am 27 years old now, most of my friends have already had kids, some have had their second, most have moved away, most have jobs that I assume they are happy with. I know a few, but just barely. There is some guy claiming to be my friend on YouTube but I’m not taking any chances.

I do like drinking beer, it is fun. Not a lot. But a little. Of beer I mean. I am going to start skateboarding again, I have already been working out for a while, getting chiseled. Just trying to get that body that the ladies can’t resist. No I’m just kidding. I just want to feel good about myself. Maybe even try and make some money through giving advice or something.

Who knows?

Well, anyways, thanks as always for reading, for taking the time out of your day to click on my shitty little space on the interwebs. I truly appreciate every single one of you, and remember to like and follow the blog!

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Sometimes twice a day!

Aren’t you lucky?


Just kidding…

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    1. I am very grateful that you took the time out of your day/night to post this comment and thank you for it. Looking forward to hearing from you again. If you like this post you may also like my post “How I FeEl During Lockdown”.

      Check it out if you have the time.

      Thank you once again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pleasure having you as my fellow blogger and getting to read all your awesome blogs…..
        Oh….Will surely give a read to that post as well….
        Have a nice day….😊😊


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