Word/Concept Of The Day Announcement

Hey There!

I would like to start a word or concept of the day on this website/blog. Basically consisting of a selection of words that I find interesting that perhaps most people aren’t familiar with, maybe some are.

I enjoy reading dictionaries to find new words and phrases, hopefully, with the intention of using them in the future, in everyday conversations. Of course not all words belong there. Some are just not part of the modern vernacular. I want to do it in a multitude of languages in order to fully encapsulate what is out there.

The concept of the day will be similar except they will not always be verified. In other words, some will come from books and some will come from media that is circulating these days. If you find any of the interesting or know any interesting ones yourself, I invite you to share them in the comments section.

Thanks as always for reading and please like and share this, if you are felling really spicy, reblog it!

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