God Of War – Traveller 2

These two videos were very lazily titled which is evident to anyone who sees it, that was because at the time of making them I had thought that I would immediately be correcting my mistakes and filling my gaps of knowledge about the game, thus learning more about the traveler & their true purpose in the process.

Watch before reading further.

Hopefully you will have watched the video before reading this, because im going to be referring to certain things that happened in the videos.

In the first video when I approached the traveler, immediately I was struck with a sense of curiosity. Why is this man facing his back toward the door?

Whats the purpose of this massive shield on his back? Does he face his back towardthe door because he knows he has that shield or is the shield a metaphor for how he lives his life. He is obviously alone and perhaps his shield represents his way of not being stabbed in the back.

Perhaps he was stabbed in the back and thats why he has this massive shield.

All these questions poured through my head while I was making these videos but I have the bad habit that is shared by many other people, which is starting games and not finishing them or finishing them and never revisiting them. Usually with massive open world, free roam games like this one, playing through once isn’t enough given that they have choices and different side missions. Thanks as always for reading, please click on the embedded video to watch it on Youtube and subscribe to the channel. Also it really helps out the site if you like this post & subscribe via email.

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