Giving Credit Where Its Due

In some of my older youtube videos I used a lot of music from artists that was given to me through the purchase of certain software extensions of my PS4.

I have not credited these artists as the first few were struck down by copyright, even though I should have the licence to use it because I bought the software, it is not the case.

In this spirit of this kind gesture made by these artists who will show up in future articles, I will create new videos and edit what I can on the old ones to pay tribute to these music saints.

I will also be creating seperate individual articles with whatever information I can find about these artists because I believe they deserve more recognition. If for nothing else than to pay them some of the respect they rightfully deserve.

Also look out for a future article and probably articles on the AVB Podcast which is a podcast I subscribe to that does amazing work with the music scene and musicians that do not get enough credit for their often amazing and sometimes underwhelming work.

Though taste is subjective, so I hope that while I may not like the songs they make, some of you might.

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