My First YouTube Video

Now just to be clear, this isnt recent, the title is in reference to it being my first ever youtube video, as in the first one I ever uploaded to my channel.

It is not really a great video, I like the aesthetic of it, but it is hardly a work of art, nor did it propell me to youtube fame, right now I have less than 30 subscribers.

A number which I am very proud of but that is a drop in the ocean of youtube itself.

I have a consistent upload schedule, and it is working out well so far, what I do fall short on which I will be working at rectifying in the future weeks is my lack of use of the tools on the site, and my editing tools in general.

Nonetheless here is the video!

I hope you enjoy it, click on the embedded video to be linked to my channel, like the video and share it with a friend if you enjoyed it.

I like the song a lot, from youtubes free audio library.

Necromancer Owt.

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