15 Posts In

This post will mark my 15 post on this new and revamped site, with It thought I would just state certain things I am looking forward to implimenting as well as things I dislike on the site and will refuse to entertain on my blog.

1. I will not follow you for following me – trust is earned, so show some genuine interest or fuck off.

2. An email list will be started at some point before the end of may, by may I will have published enough to start using the email features of wordpress, if you dont want the email, unsubscribe. I dont care.

3. I value genuine interaction. Leave me a dumb comment and you will get bashed for it and I will turn you into my joke of the day. You have been warned.

4. I love blogging and will never stop. I write journals, so writing is fun for me. This will always be an outlet for me, even if I disappear for a while, I will return.

5. I believe most people are dumb, for a multitude of reasons that are on display for all to see.

6. I also equally believe in the innate genius of humanity, for the multitude of reasons that are on display for all to see. However I believe, there are far fewer smart people & before you ask, yes I do count myself as one of them. Maybe that makes me dumb, lol.

7. I have very harsh and sometimes distasteful opinions about some stuff, and this is my chosen platform to express it on, on YouTube for obvious reasons and some not so obvious, I will not divulge my deepest darkest feelings. I save that for here. On YouTube I adopt a more happy go lucky attitude. Because thats what sells. This is my bastion. My realm. I do as I please here. Dont like it? Fuck off.

8. I enjoy criticizing other peoples work and welcome intelligent criticism here, but please learn how to read because I am not you fucken Mom. If you cant read something and a title is enough to rile you up, please kill yourself.

9. A lot of these topics and ideas are very personal to me, not too personal obviously because thats what my private journals are for, but personal nonetheless. Attack me, and I will attack you. I am Van Helsing up in this MOFO. The Agent Of God, Fuckers. The real one not the ones who have decieved the world through writings. aka religious books.

10. I am really a nice guy when you get to know me. I can also be the worst person you’ve ever met. I enjoy both effects.

Necromancer Owt.

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