The Hidden Short Story On Youtube

If you peruse the videos on my youtube channel, you will find that most are really wanting in the descriptions department. This is because I don’t really know what to put in there ( lately I do ) most of the time I end up asking myself, OK – what am I going to write here?

I can’t write about the video because then what is the point of the video, why not just write a blog post. But you cannot just leave it blank, because i don’t want to and because the system wont allow you to anyways. So in the end I just end up typing some stupid stuff I think is funny but really isnt.

It is this struggle that lead me to this point, I am in the process of writing a few books, in increments. So I thought to start, let me write a few short stories, obviously the next question is where to put them once I am completed. I did not want to put them onto a writing platform as that would be too obvious. On top of that most sites are so inundated with losers who have nothing better to do but artificially inflate their own stats on their shitty websites thus taking away any would be attention from your work.

So I have posted it in the descriptions on youtube, I have littered them throughout the channel (which at the time of writing this has 308 videos) on seemingly random videos. They will be ina sequential order to improve readability of course, and upon its discovery or perhaps before it. I will create a full playlist with the story composed of all the random videos for anyone who wishes to read it from start to finish.

A lot of creators do not organize their content. Especially the big ones, which I find highly annoying because then you have to sift through all their videos to find what you are looking for. I will eventually link the first video on a seperate post , For now though, check out this Gran Turismo Sport Playlist I have been working on.

A few Gran Turismo Sport Videos


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